New Compelling building in Omotesando, not even inaugurated yet! maybe a Toyo Ito one? 商店建築

IMGP8729I was going for a walk in Omotesando and suddenly the Building Site was unveiled. Here in Tokyo in the construction of a new building they wrap the whole scaffold thus nobody can see inside the construction site. It is maybe a rule or just a Japanese civilization tenet as  bothering the others is highly disapproved. In fact wrapping the building means mitigate noises, dust and other inconveniences.

This Spot was wrapped for a while, and since it is next to the Toyo Ito’s Tods flaghsip store, I recall it easily. The Safety guard at the site did not know who is the designer and neither I. I suspect is Ito himself (since the other one has the facade made by concrete also, as you can see on the right part of this picture), but Who knows? Sooner it will be published on some Japanase architecture’s magazine. In particular the one that refers to shops surely will point it ou ( it is called …shoutenkennchiku).

The frieze are slender since the lines of the concrete have been realized as if they were composing a musical Instrument, which is the key to read this work (the good man at the site told me)

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just a little notes here belowSometimes something good happen in Italy also, hence I would like to publicize this list of works of valuable under 50 Italian architects (Iotti Pavarani) in this link.

2 thoughts on “New Compelling building in Omotesando, not even inaugurated yet! maybe a Toyo Ito one? 商店建築

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