Pacific Palace Square on Masuzaka パシフィックスクエア宮益坂上 Wakabayashi Hiroyuki (若林広幸) an odd one?


You can find this commercial building near the ONU’s site , in the Aoyama douri, toward Shibuya.

From the other side of the road it looks all black but “if you look closer , it is an office building of the 10 -story one -story reinforced concrete basement wall has been finished with a circular mosaic tile”.

If you look a little closer , from the scramble of stairs and outer wall surface , can be seen traces of post- construction also . It can be seen from the overburden of tile state in which payment of the entrance stairs like cover the existing wall . Only opening in the corner is showing the depth of the tile in the fixtures .

Passage toward stairs , to the entrance hall outside stairs , to the basement from the left are lined up . Wall stood up has risen vertically up to 10 floor changes to surface while twisting up . Lighting fixtures and light up green space in a vertical list appears on the left side of the external stairs .

Rescue entrance is installed in the 7 layer portion to 9 floors 3 to slit surface is build . As can be can be used as a third floor balcony ? Glass railing was fitted . Bed joint indicating the layer 10 minutes ( round mosaic tile minutes ) is put on the wall .

Glass door which is mounted according to the circular opening irregular can be seen on the first floor store . In appearance , such as the entire opening that was dug out on the wall reminiscent of a contemporary Art Nouveau , you would feel uncomfortable in the horizontal marquee and glass wall that is fixed to the sash frame.

Mr. Wakabayashi has a series of respectable projects in his career, here the link. Another link with some pictures of his works, including a train! It happens that is exactly the

train that scares my child!!!

He was unlucky as Toyo Ito has designed the building in Ginza district for Mikimoto called Mikimoto, which is most remarkable of this one, fairly saying it.


Still he should be a good architecture professor at Seian University,

All the information above were coming from this japanese blog, where I also took datas about the TBS big hat and the gallery pictures below. Without his blog I could not find anything about this Pacific Palace Square on Masuzaka.

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