The hexagon, Akasaka, Maeda Architects, 2007

IMGP8500  For those who have already seen the Prada flaghsip store in Omotesando, projected by Herzog de Meuron , I imagine many among architecture’s addicted as you are, this is just another variation on the theme. From that perspective even a poor one, but that is a zenith, even though the paragon is humbling this is still something worth watching. It needs to be considered in this specific environment, while the Prada boutique needs to compete with the top firms, over there in Omotesando (here below a shot from flickr…)



Facade are not straight in both ways.

It has been built in 2007.

My guess is that this a bit a difficult investment since it is plenty of room for loan.

Maeda seems to me more than an Architect firm, a company’s builder, investor name, if this website corrisponds to them. They have office in different countries hence this is just a little thing by their view.




Here they rent you a fllor if you wish.

Here a blog with a nice shot.

Others view from different angles, and the back side

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