Software Knowledge Incorporated Co.,Ltd. SKI Buildng、Matsuda Hirada Ltd (松田平田)

IMGP8458 After the yesterday job interview I walked through an Area I have never been before.

From Akasaka Mitsuke towards Tameike Sanno on the main large road, this building stands out for his beauty. It is worth saying that many others interesting buildings are in the surrounding. This one

combines the simplicity with the sophisticated effect.

It is located at the end of Akasaka douri (“doori” stays for street, or main street).

From the firm’s website I discover another interesting group of people who work on great projects of whom  I was unaware.

They come from Oosaka, and they are hiring in case you are interested!

Here the direct link to this work (ソフトウエア情報開発本社ビル). It says they also win athe 2010 award for the interiour’s design disposition (日本建築家協会優秀建築選
インテリアプランニングアワード – here the link to the prize annaul list). It has been completed in August 2009.

Ten floors for 3.181 square metres.

From my picture’s gallery below some details of the real facade are visible. I would not rather say other things then.  Just my congratulations  for the company’s choice, the Software Knowledge Incorporated, to hire those guys for building their “home”.

Their techincal description reports that

The facade of the building, and the design of the mesh in adopting a unit curtain wall Low-E pair glass embedded, is used to tilt 45 degrees curtain wall. I was planning and that the unit curtain wall of 1,700 × 1,700 mm, built-in natural ventilation system, installed LED lighting in the intersection, enhance the identity of the building at night.

Also it obviously uses a seismic isolation structure to ensure the safety of the head office building since we are in Japan!

Eventually I found mr. Akira Miahara (宮原 亮) who claims of having overseen the design process from this website.

These are the seismic specialists who collaborated to the project.

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