Sunburst Building: a giant red ball coming out from a black surface. Only in Japan has been conceivable.

I found the explanation, probably the right one.

cosmonauti a tokyo

I read on his website he became president of the Japaneese association of architects in 2010. Bingo! We caught a big boss here, mr Taro Ashihara ( 芦原). Just to say and deplore my ignorance one day I will buy a book about his works, here on amazon. There are wonderful projects in his website, even nice exhibitions, and interesting things done abroad. Yes I never heard about him until I came across this work or he is the same who projected the  komazawa olympic park?

No he did not project that park but he was working for Yoshinobu Ashihara and I suspect some family relationship (:)). If you can read japanese perhaps in this blog something is written besides some nice shots of the park.

What about this driving School? It has been completed in 1996, and it covers 5915mq. Seven floors are hidden behind that huge red sun. The…

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