Audi Forum – The Iceberg – Aoyama/Omotesando Creative Designers International (April 2006 )

This exceptional building stands on its own mainly because speaks “another language” than the japanese one. I do not know who is the designer covert under the CDI signature (those italian architects cites Benjamin Warner as their director) but he or she certainly does not follow the principle of japanese aesthetic called wabi saki suki (see wikipedia for a short sight).

The designer offical web site has english pages that confirm my opinion, they want to amaze and not amuse,therefore Audi executives probably addressed the strategy and it is really difficult understand why and how. I believe Audi did some great vehicles, lately Audi TT was a huge world wide success, but they are in their field valued more than how much this building could be esteemed in the architectural one.

On other hand a structural approach may raise his value since it has been demanded a high skilled engineer team for working on that complicated asimmetric surfaces. Although the transparent core elevator has been placed frontally for tryingto give a sense of stability to the viewer, the balance is not yet reached.


Many japanese architects (Tezuka and Ito I distinctly recall saying so) assert that they do hundreds of models before reaching the final cut. I personally experienced it in my architectural internship here in Tokyo, having even been bored of that extremely meticolous approach. Here they probably wanted to transcend the surroundings for trying to escape from the conformity, yet the result is something heavily ornate even if it has not got any ornament in a strict sense than the transparent surfaces. How should I call a transparent surface in a town where are ubiquitous since every commercial onstruction has a transparent glass, from the smaller cafe to the taller skyscraper?(226 words)

Here an australian architectural magazine online has an several articles on Tokyo you may find useful.

In this japanese blog many pictures of the same subject.

Here somebody strolled around in Omotesando and shooted many pictures, audi forum is included.

Another walk into Omotesando from a professional designer studio.


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