Tokyu Plaza – Omotesando/Harajuku– Nakamura Takuji architect (中村拓志) (completed April 2013 )


We are in the same area we were before for the H&M flagship shop, called Harajuku.

I am writing this time about a new construction who has been inagurated recently (April 2013) its salient feature is both conceptual and real upon integrating the green inside the city. Despite the fact the building is not a beauty (the main entrance from the intersection with two sliding stairs, with triangle mirrors looks like a Mirror Castle in a Luna Park), having a coffe at the 6th floor is a beatiful experience and I would say the best experience among the outdoor dining in central Tokyo excluding the Odaiba area near the sea.


Mr Nakamura Takuji has planned a whole floor dedicated to the brand starbucks, which respond to different needs such as families and lovers, which is uncommon in town. More than once I read a sign upon a front door restaurant saying that kids are not allowed for dining, and those places weren’t clubs in Roppongi!

Here you have a nice “kindergarten” where you can let your kids running and going up & down of the stairs without being too worried.

Also from another point of view this is a real square just as Tokyo is missing the most. Last time I visited it was on a Saturday and it was full with a long cue at the entrance. I assume it is going to be crowded every weekend from now forever because what this is exactly what I miss the most, as Italian, European and furthermore as western man inside the Tokyo’s life. Place where you can meet people in a peaceful and relaxed athmosphere outdoor but parks. For instance the Omotosando Hills Complex, (which is already inside every book of architecture you must study completed in 2006 just only 7 years ago and it is only about 100 metres further) designed by the world known Tadao Ando is all indoor. It has just few places from one can look outside by large windows, still the sun or the breeze are not perceptible.


The Tokyu Plaza mall comprise 27 shops. On the top floor a restaurant has a nice row of table for couple lined in front of a large window where you can admire the lights of the city. Behind this tables row a low wall hase been placed to separate the customers from the rest that makes them feel a full intimacy.


From another japanese blog here some descriptions and pictures.

Others rendering material from this website here.

Here a negative comment about the building and the japanese architects flaws.

Here another japanese blogger with other buildings in the area, Tod’s, Vuitton and so on.

Here a picture during the presentation of the project.

This blog is hironizing about the toilet signs.

This japanese blogger has not been satisfied by the opening party and the project itself.

This seems to me a press release of the event pointing out it is the first store of american eagle outfitters here and nothing else.

This last blogger as me as well was very happy to be there.


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