a new match wood with transparency: Takeo Kikuchi shop at Harajuku by Jo Nagasaka, schemata architects

Sincerely this is the first time I have seen this match. It is not a rule but here architects tend to be “monomaterial” and when it comes to create they’d rather to use less than more…and you already know why. So as to say when they use the window frame to compose a transparent facade they go often for easy tracks. The steel uprights that could be different nuances of silver, black or white, sometimes even blu.

IMGP5807  Mr. Nagasaka , his web site here, chose to use the wood side by side with the steel. It is an audace choice, and it is a winning mix. The effect is that he did realize holes in the transparent continuum which clearly connectto the inside where the same kind of wood is used

for the shelfs among the other furnitures. You can see both doors and windows made by that wood. My bet is that is maple tree or pine, I am sure somebody can guess better than me. This fact was a precise choice in order to let the natural air come inside in instead of using only air conditioned.

A litlle garden in the backyard has been added to connect with the nature. I believe he reached his point, and the shop is somewhat leading to a more warm atmosphere that you would expect from a shop situated in this cutting edge area of Tokyo. He is from Osaka and maybe this marks a difference.

This building is only recently opened – winter 2012- in the harajuku surroundings and it is a salient feature of the area without being designed by a star architect.

Here others information by a fashion magazine.

Here others picture from an architecture photo net magazine.

Here another exhibition by Schemata Architects


Close to this addres it should be the T.kikuchi shop


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