Tokyo Yesterday and Today – Tokyo station 辰野金吾 東京駅

I almost forgot I have saved some pictures from the exhibition called


Tokyo yesterday and Today

Since I have posted already my pictures on the subject I entrench that post with some notes about it.

The picture is catchy because those cars are clearly not easy to see cruising on streets anymore.  Despite that first catchy insight the reason of this picture  is due to the underground parking

that one infers from that shot. It was exactly the first of its kind in all Japan and it is from 1960 not as old as the station is.


The history of the building is written on the wikipedia voice, and since in my last post I was undermining its originality, I would rather correct partially my stance.

Tastuno Kingo was the architect who projected the station before 1908, after he projected the bank of japan in 1890 and later founded, among others, the national Institute of Architecture resembling the British homologus institution. I was not wrong indeed when I asserted that we, as italians, don’t like to see copies of western architectural things in East Asia since western architectural studies are of paramount importance for mr.Kingo’s career. Furthermore they are the fundaments of most of his late works.

Terunobi Fujimori wikipedia reports was the one who has deeply studied Kingo’s projects in order to ensure its originality and deter anybody else to declare the Tokyo Station has been designed after the Amsterdam Station. You may want decide with your mind, certainly a colour or a material is not enough to prove it unlees the material has just been discovered. It may not be this case.


This reminds me another chapter I read on the book I wrote before here. Kurokawa said that although  japanese culture is derived by large part from the chinese one, in the amount of 80% he asserted, the  japaneses remain diverse. I don’t know that much about Kurokawa since I am just a beginner and I have found in a library 18 volumes of architecture theory and surely others are signed by him. I have seen a beautiful building invented by him here and I remember what Hagenberg in 24 japanese architects wrote about him. He was proud to be complacent to the politic power. On the other side Fujimori was the one who addressed the demise speech at the funeral of Kenzo Tange and that is a high reward amid the japanese culture. Althogh all this seems a bit off topic even to me, it is for underlying the importance of this building for Tokyo, Japan and japanese architects. Furthermore if you think Mr.Kingo was the first japanese architect to open a office in Japan!

Despite the evidence of the renovation  works is from by the bright and vivid colors, sign of freshness when you walk in front of it , please don’t forget that

IMGP4989major renovating works have been done also in the underground.

Loosing yourself maybe is difficult,but it is not remote, since the plan of the station is very simple compared to the complexity of  stations such Shinjuku, Shibuya or Ikebukuro for instance.

Everything is on a long straightforward double line with a myriad of shops.

Recently in a letter to a friend I wrote that I could even live in the station for 6 months without getting out and be happy by the numbers of opportunity one can spend his time with!

If you don’t believe me click here to check out the amount of choices you can make, it has been called Tokyo city for its wideness.

A last note for rail fans: Tokyo Station ranks  only  the 5th place among the Tokyo several stations of for  passengers where as it is at the top in in terms of numbers of train.

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