Komazawa Olympic Park 駒沢オリンピック公園 – Yoshinobu Ashihara 芦原義信

I checked something that was constructed for Tokyo Olympic Games back in 1964 since Tokyo candidates itself again for the 2020 Olympic competition against Instanbul, the most likely winner and another city I don’t remember which one, sorry. Truly this place was the second choice after the first which is at Yoyogi Park, more central than this, and with its famous arena (yoyogi stadium) designed by K.Tange and it’ll be soon in this blog .


The Komazawa Olympic Park (link to the official web site) is really a park for sport-like-guys. The round pathway is divided in three, with one for bicycle with large light blue edges, one central bounded with yellow stripes for runners, and a normal one for walkers and so on, no cars are allowed I guess.  This is the japanese name for reserved bicycle path (自転車専用道路). You have to be careful of those tracks if you don’t want to get hurt, and it was a weekday, I don’t imagine how many are in the coming sunny Sundays!

Another valuable feature, not rare in Tokyo, it was particularly well organized, it’s the possibility to rent a bicycle. You have 4 options, displayed in 3 different spots, near to each others. There’s one for adult and toddlers I would say, one for kids until 3 years old where the track is a big round circle with benches on the shadow and it costs only 100 yen for hour. Another one for children above until 6 years of age with its own protected pathway. Then there’s a family one with 4 seats tandem available. Least there are even three play-gounds spot!.

On the Architectural side I may say this is a concrete fair, symbolized with this central pagoda like symbol (it is called “Control Tower”), in front of a long square in the barycentric position of the park.


I assume the most known building is the next, which is for athletic sports or I would call the main Arena.


Later I have seen a building either with some lack of maintenance  or signs of age. Generally all the construction were harmonic within the others, and the Use of them seemed to be far to be dismissed. I have to apologize because I did not enter in any of them.  They all reckon with their Architectural era, and they surely belong to that post second war time.

Other links referring to this Olympic park, here is the one of the Architect Tsuchiya Hiroshi who says that the Gymnasyum has been designed by Yoshinobu Ashirara (芦原義信). If you click on the english name you open your website which has also pictures of the interior. Here an article with historical references about the whole “olympic project “.

Another link  says Ashihara designed also the “Concrete Pagoda” and the square below.


Another link from a japanese amateur runner, who called this park a sacred place for runner and publish his time on the lap! He wrote also the park was opened July the 23th of 1964, it may be inaugurated on that date, I think.

Another link  says the larger path is about 2,1 Km long and there are some nice pictures about Sakura over there.

We are going to get in touch with mr Ashihara for other mayor projects he did in Tokyo. This link leads to the Stadium Gallery. Unlike here there are many reviews from visitors all of ethnicities. This  last is the link for the runners

Here below other shoots from the Park to get the atmosphere of a Spring sunny day (I guess yesterday  we were around 30 °C)


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