Todofuken Palace, 都道府県会館 Chyoda-ku

IMGP5879I decided to enter inside this building because I was thinking it was an Hotel, actually the Grand Prince Hotel Akasakai. After taking some pictures and using the toilet where it might was forbidden, I asked to a man inside the elevator where I was showing my map.

The Hotel was further straight along the road he pointed to my map. Later I will be discovered it was not there anymore, since a huge building site was just in the supposed exact spot the map was indicating. I was inside the Palace of ALL the prefectures of Japan, the Toudofuken Kaikan (都道府県会館).

A link says the project is from Nikken Sekkei which is one of the larger constructor of Japan, by the way they constructed also the recent opened sparkling highest tower of japan, the Sky Tree.

Another link from the japanese Association of architects refers to mr.Hiroshi Okada, which is probably one of the Nikken Sekkei architects or engineers.

For the Public Administration purpose my opinion is that this building fulfils perfectly the function with good government style. I liked the false ceiling grid in the outside that looked well in the details even when you are walking close. Since I am not sure of the information I was able to collect I have wariness about the date of 1999 as accomplishment of works. To me a building like that would have been probably born quite earlier in a different architectural era, especially for the interior style, which let me think more to the 50ies or early 60’s. I wish somebody can correct this.  There also something about this particular modular option


that decors the skin of this building that is inherent to Japan it might been already written somewhere.

Here below some others pictures, particularly the interior was very unexpected to me.

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