Toshi Center Hotel 東市センターホテル

One day I went in a place in Tokyo for the first time, it was around Kojimachi station. There were meny interesting building, and I saw a kind of relative common style in that area. It maybe because there were built in the same period. I will post some of them sooner or later.

This building kept my eye because its proportion was well done I have thought and also was different form the others.

It is an hotel (here is the official link), and probably some business center – (kaikan) plenty of Conference Room for convention. Some foreigners also were standing at the door. In this post there are two different buildings, as you can see, and they seems to me both from outside of Japan, probably American. An old New-Classic Facade for instance reminds me several buildings in New York City.


  • IMGP5871

In this link I found it has been finished in 1999 but there is no indication about the architect. The nearby area is filled with Pubblic administration offices (the House of Representatives is just 5 minutes walk) and all sort of party-main offices. Even the todofuken palace is there (all the provinces and region of Japan), and that is going to be the object of a futuIMGP5867re post.IMGP5870








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