meguro around 目黒につして

meguro around 目黒につして
this is a shot of a high and very thin skyscraper I have found interesting. Just on the right of the Meguro mita line station. I was looking for a  office designed by Kleith Ditham I haven’t found…
Here below a house red brick-like form outside but I don’t think they’re real bricks, they look like more tiles for coating.

I found appealing the contrast between this red coating and the design, which is really japanese. The coating of the japanese buildings is something I would like to write about deeply sooner or later.
On the web I found this house was maden in 2004 but it was looking like they finished it yesterday. Unfortunately I do not know if the architect is well known I bet he is not.
If you want to look at it, I have found this link that says approximately 25-29 square metres for 108000yen a month…crazy TokyocasaSplan, but there are many others.

IMGP5669 I liked also the door. Sorry for the flash!


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