Meguro sky garden, 目黒天空庭園, Prism Tower, Cross Air Tower, クロスエアタワー プリズムタワー

I read recently on the newspaper, it was on the front page, the new of the Opening

of this curious work. They realized a roof garden on a top of a big road (maybe highway – Shibuya Express way nr.3 with Yamanote tunnel) intersection. We were in that area and casually we stepped into the ground floor of this elliptic

space (the mayor ax is 170 metres long, the shorter is 130 m) and I recall the article on the newspaper and we realized we were just there. From there it was seeming more to a dungeon than anything else with this high concrete walls!


After following a sign indicating 100 metres to the Garden we reached the elevator at one point (PRISM TOWER ・プリズムタワー) and we went to the 5th floor as indicated.
This was the entrance.


As we walked trough it I took some pictures of the views.


After taking some pictures we descend from the other side and we realized we were at the ninth floor ! (CROSS AIR TOWER -クロスエアタワー).

The sunset reached us on this Sunday evening, and there was a nice view of Tokyo.


It was a huge project and I do not know who are the architects, but a Nikkei article refers them to the Tokyou Corporation which I believe it is a big corporation related to the Tokyu lines (trains) who are on this side of the city.

Maybe it’s not a thing to inser in the beauties of Tokyo, still is somethink remarkable and it was a very recent opening, less than 2 weeks ago.

Here a blog in japanese about it

Here another one.

Other pictures below.







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