owl tower, higashi ikebukuro, taisei corporation, 大成建設株式会社,

This is not about the building, it’s about the passage at the basement that connect the East Ikebukuro station to the Sunshine building, a 60 floor famous building (it has been for a certain time the tallest of tokyo)

It’s an unusal pathway, recently finished (2011), projected by Taisei Corporation

In Tokyo the underground pathways are merely made up by a narrow road built with cheap tiles all around, scarcely lighted, mainly crowded, and plenty of signs for exits, for stairways and so on.

As you can see from the video, here it’s all another story. They invested in this luxury passage (maybe because the Owl tower has luxury apartments to sell as well?) and they use the last cut of exterior tiles, which I saw in the Tokyo Building Fair (shopbiz) of 2012 as one of the most beautiful and expensive among the industrial ones.  (I stopped myself to lookt at the walls to let you appreciate the design of the tiles)

You can see from the happyness of children (not only mine) the fact this is entertaining walking here on the opposite of the tokyo undergound common pathways.


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