Shigeru Ban , Nicholas G.Hayek Center, Ginza, swatch, omega and others

Hi, thinking back to House Vision I guess it’s another good starting point for our walk trough the beauties of Tokyo. I mean they pointed out well known architects and some younger ones.

Let’s start from Shigeru Ban coolest building in one of the hottest side of tokyo, Ginza for instance (it’s built in 2007 the address is 7-9-18 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)


You maybe don’t notice one particular thing from the pictures. As you walk in, you see three difference glass elevator in different part of the main Hall. The weird thing, is that each one go to different floors (isn’t something that attract tourist?). One goes down to the b1floor where Swatch store is located, another goes to the 1st floor, and another one to the 2nd floor. The “real” elevator instead is around the corner, and goes to the upper floors.

Here there ‘s a video

I shooted some picture from the Omega customer service floor, which was a very good place to relax and reading a neswpaper in english. As you can see, an exotic and friendly environment has been created by the green walls.Image

aboout this buildu can see more pictures here.

You can see also the shutter window, it was closed when I was there, but they looked as if they could have been open if only the weather would have allowed.

On the other side, that is an odd building from the poetic view underlined recently by the Architect himself, who is more willing to project things in different way as you can read here in this interesting interview.


Here also the offical page ot the Omega site (I don’t get any money from them , it’s a way to see one elevator, lol)  by the way, their image of professionality, everybody wearing a white cloth as if they were all doctor, I would recommend.

IMGP4536IMGP4533 IMGP4535

Ginza is a gorgeous spot of Tokyo, especially on Sundays since all vehicles are stopped until 5.00 pm, and you can see a crowd of people walking and enjoying the surfing on its luxury wideness, which on the other side is a unique event.


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