House Vision 2013 – last day – Tokyo – Odaiba

House Vision 2013 - last day - Tokyo - Odaiba

I wasn’t the only one to shoot something today at the House Vision 2013. Alas I went there , it was Sunday and forecast was rain.

1800 yen, adult ticket…I was thinking, a bit over my actual range for such tickets. At the End, I changed my opinion, it was worth every yen and also it didn’t rain.


Above you can see the entrance from inside. a woodedn made wall designed by Kengo Kuma. The flyer says Makoto Azuma for the green wall, they were only in house number 6. I wouldn’t call that barrage a green wall and you?

There were 7 houses in a very small Area. For the same kind of exhibition italians would probably used at least five times that surface.

Below you can see 3 picture of house number One by Toyo Ito, for Lixil, this new Consorterie of top brand industries unified in 2011.




I have to think on this, House number 1, before going forward.

Here below some pictures of House number 5, by Shigeru Ban, for MUJI, this well known brand with high design packaging. You can see the veranda. Students who are meisuring the heights (I guess 2,30), and a nice looking architetta with her friend.

are they surveyors?verandaSB1giovaniarchitette

I have some video also to upload whenever I got the chance I promise I will do. I recorded my impression as far as I was entering in the spaces for the first time, hopefully they’re funny at least. Also I would do more research on house number 3 (Local community, Area Principle) under the name of Riken Yamamoto, and two younger Hirokazu Suemitsu, Toshiharu Naka both born in 1976.

To summarize, I would say that the exibition was a well cut event. Nothing more than the state of the art, with some envisaged possibilities relevant to the approach of the customer more than the architectural one. Overall the client was the not unveiled target of the fair and thanks to the measured approach, I bet they have reached him.


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