Sendai Mediateque’s Toyo Ito work in Myagi Prefecture is still there

I was a bit worried about that famous work, delighted by light all over and inside the pillar, that it could have been hitted by the Tsunami of March 11, 2011.

I have found this image of what happened there, it looks only the false celings went down.


today reading trough the pages of The Japan Times, I’ve discovered that it still stands, and Toyo Ito has won the Pritzker Prize for Architecture. After last Venice award for his Career is a good new also to me. I always thought best architects in the Worls are here in Japan and I am feeling happy to know that others are thinking the same. On the opposite I was peeved when I left the office today because  it is not supposed to receive a “salut” back when you leave the office in reply to your greet here in Japan? Anyway I will get along with that, they left me stay there for 1hour and half reading the conversation of “home for All” book, I will touch later on this blog, and and interesting number of the main japanese architecture monthly review where I found an amazed work…

Here an italian explanation about those pillars.

here a video on youtube shooted by student of the entrance and inside of the real building meanwhile here a video of a 3d animation for the fans of  3d design



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